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Something old,

Something new, 

Something Special: 

Vintage Wedding Gowns 

A special selection of vintage wedding gowns encompassing timeless elegance.


This  gorgeous collection features an array of uniquely crafted era specific pieces, showcasing the beauty and tradition of ceremony throughout the years.

Stylist/Team Creators

Casey Thompson @405casey

Paris Rose @405paris

Ian Roberts @iceboy.flamingocortez

Cameron Allan

Lily Sisson @lilysisson

Emma Stamps @sleepyssister

Shannon Daly @shannon.mp3

Morgan Bennett @mobennetttt


David Perez @davidsshoots

Shelby Hawkins  @shehawkphoto


Delaney @_delaney_b_

Kyra Barrett @@kyrabarrett_

Alyssa Danley @alyssadanley

Jooni @joonimoodi

Holly Brugman @hollyabrugman

Rina @garvbage

Cloie Mitchell @clomitch_

Meadow Haynes @yung_cake

Mone'e Yvonne @moneeyvonne

Abbi Curling @abbicurling

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