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The Story of Girlgang405

The story of Girlgang405 began in 2017 with our two founders, Casey Thompson and Paris Rose. Casey and Paris met each other in highschool, and quickly became friends because of their similar vintage fashion and style interests and shared a mutual love for thrifting. Their love for vintage clothing stems from an appreciation that every piece is different and special.

Casey generated the idea to turn their passions into a business, while stumbling upon a large collection of her mom’s old vintage denim. The collection of denim included pieces from established, old-school brands such as Levi’s, Nuovo and Rocky Mountain. She saw uniqueness and antiquity in each piece and wanted to share her vision through a business platform. Because these garments were no longer in use, Casey used this denim to form a base of inventory.

Excited with this discovery, Casey shared the idea with Paris and soon the two became devoted to developing this idea further. Bonding Casey’s creativity with Paris’s business savvy created the perfect formula for building a thrifted vintage business.

"Vintage…its not at all like todays fashion, it can not be forgotten or thrown away”- Paris

“Every piece of vintage is special’ it emulates a feeling of nostalgia and lets you escape to better times past”- Casey

Girlgang405 originally targeted women’s vintage pieces and was created to share a passion for vintage with women who also valued it, creating a 'Gang' of vintage enthusiets. However, Casey and Paris soon realized their efforts did more than bring women together, they created a positive and growing community. Soon Girlgang405 expanded to include men’s apparel and inclusion in to the “girl gang”.

Their combination of individual skills and passionate drive have led to the creation of an evolving business dedicated to vintage. Casey and Paris aspire to use Girlgang405 as a platform to introduce others with similar passions to each other in order to grow a fashion community of men, women and others, filled with empowering relationships and positive experiences.

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