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GirlGangs Efforts to Aide a Sustainable Future for Fashion

Our mission here at GirgGang405 goes beyond providing our followers with a vast selection of vintage apparel. Our mission is to educate the community of our followers about sustainable fashion, as well as present our own efforts to aide sustainability.

Our main contribution to sustainable fashion it that we solely use recycled garments as our product base. Using only recycled garments prevents the production of new apparel creation. Lowering production of new textile materials that enter the industry prevents new materials from being made in the first place, saving energy, raw materials, and pollution from production processes. In addition recycling garments prevents apparel pieces from being thrown away only to contribute to more textile waste.

GirlGang's inventory is a collection of garments hand selected from a multitude of thrift stores, estate sales, and donations. Our design team works hard to find vintage garments from the vast selection of only recycled apparel. The GirlGang business gives forgotten garments new purpose, saving each piece of apparel from ending up as another piece of textile waste in a landfill. We see value in every garment produced, striving to add the "diamonds in the rough" into our collection. Our goal is to break any negative stigma against recycled fashion and show our community the value of a recycled garments and the contribution of this practice towards sustainable fashion.

Sustainable fashion is taking ethics and combining them with aesthetics to create garments that are made from environmentally friendly materials and practices, and do not further increase pollution levels from production methods. It is important to us that our customers have a clear definition of this and are given tools to help them practice measures for sustainability.

Sustainable fashion practices consumers can take include:

  • Recycling unused garment

  • Reinventing an old garment into something new

  • Refraining from purchasing fast fashion garments

  • Purchase apparel from businesses that sell recycled apparel

  • Trade clothes with friends or fashion community


We believe in a future filled with educated consumers and ethical practices. We believe in sustainability. We believe in thrifting. We believe in sustainable fashion.

With Love,


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