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Did Someone Say...Whale Tails?

Whale Tail | trend : the layering of low-rise jeans with thong underwear so that the top of the thong peaks out above the jeans on the backside, enough to reveal a riskay amount of booty cheeks. This scandalous phenomenon brought to the world of fashion in the early 2000’s, was made popular by pop music icons such as Britney Spears, Fergie, and J.Lo. These icons made this provocative style fad a trend by repping the tail in their bootylicious music videos. As many trends from this era, have begun re-entering the fashion of today, such as the velour tracksuit's, it's easy to guess why the whale tail would be the next to emerge. The racy look highlights a scandy vibe securing a bad bitch type profile; a popular vibe to emulate in today's more freely expressing society.

image produced by getty images

Today the trend has been adopted by brands and icons alike. Versace was ahead of the trend when the whale tail appeared on the runway in their 2017 Versus Versace ready to wear collection. Fashion icons such as J.Lo, an original supporter of this look, and Kim Kardashian, have carried the trend forward by showing off designer g-strings over their bottoms, in recent looks.

It has evolved since its beginnings, advancing from just a party in the back to a party all over. Strong trends in today's fashion, such as the popularity of high waisted pants as well as expanding availability of street-ready sweats, has given the original low rise look a new wave to ride on.

The tail is a power move in personal fashion choices. Showing a slight bit of the garment that covers the unmentionables gives hints of playfulness and confident sexiness.

Boast your bad bitch side and show off that thang with that thong. Express yo self! XOXO, Girlgang405

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