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n o t y o u r b a b y g i r l

Its 2004 again and you just got invited to your first sleepover party on Saturday and all your best girl friends are gonna be there. You spend all week at school wishing the days would go by faster and faster so you could finally experience the slumber party extravaganza. So when Saturday finally comes you pack up your Limited Too backpack with all the slumber party essentials: a sassy pair of jammies, your favorite fuzzy slippers and of course the movie Sleepover, which just came out on DVD. With pillow, sleeping bag and backpack in hand your mom drops you off at your friends house and the anticipated party final begins. You and the girls start the night out talking girly girl stuff and squealing at the all the cute boys in the new issue J-14. Everyone goes and changes into their jammies and sets up their sleeping bags, the perfect stage for an epic pillow fight.

After the dance party pillow fight combo, you and the girls decide its time to get dolled up. You all pile up eachother's makeup and end up with a rainbow eyeshadow palettes from Claires, a couple lipsmackers lipglosses, the mascara you took from your moms bathroom earlier, and so much glitter.


With everyone stunting their Bratz inspired makeup it's finally Karaoke time!!


Once your voice is almost gone from belting all the latest hits by Britney Spears, JoJo & Jesse Mccartney, its finally time to put on Sleepover the DVD and press play.Your friends mom brings up the essential junk food movie snacks, popcorn, pizza, Fun-dip, Oreos, Doritos, soda and icecream with rainbow sprinkles.



When the movie is over you and your bestie are the only two awake survivors. You and her fight the sleepiness because you have to stay awake and make this night last forever. You and her talk and giggle until your both too tired to keep your eyes open.



Inspired by the silly, sweet, fun of childhood sleepovers with your best girly pops,

n o t y o u r b a b y g i r l theme channels your inner Bratz doll. Limited Too & Libby Lou vibes fill the air with sweet & sassy scents and all you can smell is pure GIRL POWER. These vibes are combined with vintage Victoria Secret lingerie to spice up each fit and add a bit of sexiness to the sweetness. So take a dip into memory lane and fill your closet with these pieces that scream sugar, spice and everything nice and be that sexy baby girl you are!

But remember, nobody puts baby in the corner.



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