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Date Night 1999

A collection of late 90’s inspired date night outfits brought to you by GirlGang405.

Women’s outfits share influences from trends that encompass the versatility of 90’s fashion. A mixture of sheer fabrics and subtle grunge inspired the cultivation of each outfit, giving each full fashioned fit a unique, classic, soft sexiness, ideal for date night.

Dresses with sheer, smooth fabric, scooped necklines and soft floral and animal prints serve up an innocent and playful vibe and show off the exclusive silhouette of the wearer. Showing up to your date in one of these pieces is sure to make your date’s jaw drop.


To show off your inner BOSS, forgo the dress and put on a tailor-made suit to let your date know you mean business. A plaid pantsuit or skirt suit emulates the powerful positions women began to hold during the ’90s and should be carried to women's fashion today as a reminder of the focused women and confident women. Your date or colleagues should be amazed by your tenacity and vintage style by showing up to the event in a form-fitting power suit.


Mens outfits follow the baggy, schoolboy grunge trends of the late 90’s. Wide-legged denim jeans are a classic starting point for any outfit, leaving a canvas for a variety of tops. We matched each variously shaded denim pant with stripped henley t-shirts, collared button downs and Coogi styled knit sweaters. These tops are paired with black leather jackets or pastel colored windbreakers. Really impress your date by stunting with our classic Tommy Hilfiger turtle neck sweater.


Whether you're going out on the town, attending a couples dinner party or enjoying a romantic valentines day...these 90’s aesthetic outfits are ideal for a unique generational take on modern date night.

Have a sweet & spicy valentines day.



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