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2019 Spring Look Book

This season is all about minimalism. GirlGang405 has put together a collection of classic vintage apparel with muted earth tones, simplistic patterns, and classic silhouettes. Staples for the Spring 19’ season include loose garments styles, straight-leg denim, and t-shirts with large brand logos.

Women’s apparel showcases effortless looks made up of lightweight, smooth fitting garments and staple pieces. Muted earth tones adhere to the regrowth of foliage happening as the season shift into sunny spring. This color scheme supports the tamer, subtler looks that display fluid and silky pieces such as our French Girl Tank or Chocolate Silk Long-sleeved button up.

Must haves for Women Spring 19’

-Relaxed pair of straight legged denim jeans

-Halter & Scooped neck tanks

-Silky, neutral colored tops


This seasons Street style is simply straightforward. Denim jeans and relaxed t-shirts are the staple pieces to be seen on sun filled, warm aired streets. The simplistic nature of these garments makes personalization key in overall outfit creation. Both jeans and tees can be styled in various ways that modify the original garment to create a custom type piece that sets you apart from the norm. Both menswear and womenswear follow this laid back street style, leaving room room for garments to be unisex.


Men’s apparel features a variety uncomplicated pieces. Oversized graphic tees, baggy denim and plaid button downs encompass the style for menswear spring 19’. The casual fit creates a comfortable, laid back vibe that ties back to the oversized grunge of the 90’s. Henley tees and sneakers also pay homage to this era.

Must haves for Mens Spring 19'

-Relaxed Denim

-Retro Logo Tees


Check out the Spring 19' pieces here at Girlgang405.



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