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Harley, Harley, Harley

When you think about Harley Davidson, chances are you make an association to motorcycles, leather jackets, and the brand colors; black and orange. These associations sum up the brand image of Harley Davidson and provide a notable platform for a unique Biker style. Founded in Wisconsin in 1903, Harley did not begin selling apparel until 1912, and introduced the iconic leather jacket in 1928. Users of Harley motorcycles began wearing merchandise while riding their Harley motorcycle, adding more value to the activity by completing the "Harley rider" image. Avid Harley riders used merchandise to solidify their reputation of a rough and tough Biker and showed their loyalty to the brand. Thus with the introduction of the classic black and orange merch, the Harley name became a cultural icon and lifestyle brand.

As Harley Davidson evolved so did the merchandise. Newer merchandise introduced a new color palette that differed from common orange and black, as well as new style lines that follow present silhouettes of the era at the time. In an effort to showcase the metamorphosis of Harley merchandise Girlgang's collection of vintage Harley Davidson includes both classic hard garments as well as more delicate pieces.

Leather jackets with Harley Logos, wide legged denim, dark colored garments with pops of orange, paired with chain accessories deliver a look that emulates the classic biker image and creates industrial and rocker undertones.


Tops with soft-pedal colors, such as cream or pastel blue and green, and subdued type fonts compared to the harshness of the original Harley lettering, deliver a more mutable look, that still conveys the image of a Harley biker or groupie. Styling of softer looks took cues from 90’s trends, inspiring a pairing of the soft-pedal tops, such as the rounded neckline, tight fitted, cream long sleeved top seen below, with light wash denim, and delicate accessories.


Check out the latest pieces from this look book and rev up your fashion choices by incorporating vintage Harley Davidson apparel into your style.



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