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The Western Look Book

Seeking out the natural beauty of Oklahoma's long stretching rolling plains, we headed out into the heart of Oklahoma farmland to find the perfect location that encompassed out vision. Inspired by the classic look of southern antiquity, we wanted to master a collection that represented a southern elegance mixed with modern cowgirl edge aesthetic.

Major themes within this collection include the use of a variety of floral patterns, lightweight materials, relaxed fits and unisex straight leg denim. Our styling techniques incorporated a manipulation of simple garments for a more modernized look. One key to this manipulation involved tying the ends of shirts into a small knots to create a more flattering silhouette of which complements modern shirt trends. Pairing ankle length skirts, which can tend to look frumpy and outdated, with cropped blouses was another key to creating a more youthful look and rejuvenate a seemingly unpopular skirt silhouette.

Girlgang is so excited to present our vision of vintage dixieland delight, that takes the little house on the prairie to the modern world of fashion. So grab your hat and saddle up for Girlgang’s western look book and check out this premiere collection of sweet southern vintage listed bellow.

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